Spa resort in Austria with sauna.village & panorama.pool


At our spa resort in Waidring in Tyrol, the lavish sauna.village and the panorama.pool, which is equipped with a counter-current system and massage jets offer a grandiose feeling of wellness. In the summer, the sliding terrace windows facilitate free passage from the indoor swimming pool to the sunbathing area and the natural bathing pond.


Additionally the hotel with panorama.pool in Waidring is featured with 7 different bathhouses and saunas facilitate healthy sweating. We spoil our guests with various sauna infusions, several times a week:
Three traditional hay ovens, which are in a semi-circular arrangement, promote communication and a sense of well-being. This mild herbal mist application primarily affects the back and the shoulders.

At the Sanarium®, temperatures lying in the range of ca. 55°-60°C and a relative humidity rate of ca. 40% make for a gentle and irritant-free climate. The metabolism gets into top gear, and the skin is nurtured.
In the aroma grotto, which is an age-old variant of a steam bath, heat, steam and aromas (such as the aromas of eucalyptus, fir and lavender) promote the purification of the body, freshen you up and also calm you down.

The Finnish sauna is the most tradition-steeped form of healthy sweating, regardless of whether the goal is to prevent infection with common cold, relax the body or to facilitate mental relaxation. The Brechel bath, the stone bath and the bread bath are also based on time-honoured sweating methods. Give it a try, and your body will be duly grateful!